Philles Blunt cigars – Single Philles Cigar

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Single Philles Cigar

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Philles Blunt cigars – Single Philles Cigar

Phillies Blunt CigarsPhillies Blunt Cigars

Phillies Blunt Cigars is a more modern-day and playful take onvintage classic, the blunt Strawberry is a scrumptious smoke bursting with flavour and a candy aroma. Phillies Blunt Cigars wonderful earthy flavours of the emblem come thru on this stick, which is complemented through candy-like notes of strawberry – it will honestly lure and delight your flavour buds. Phillies Blunt Cigars emblem remains one of the most diagnosed and popular smokes out there. Phillies Blunt Cigars are sold in a single count.

Phillies Cigars


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Berry, Chocolate, Coconut, Cognac, Grape, Original, Strawberry, Vanilla


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