Rent a post office box | Rent a P.O. Box – East York

An easy and secure way to receive mail and parcels

Give yourself an extra address to receive your mail and online purchases. Your locked PO box is always secure and convenient at your local post office.

P.O. Box sizes

SizeApproximate dimensionsDescription
Small100 mm x 140 mm x 350 mmIdeal for letter envelopes

A set of two Postal Box keys $15.00

Rent a PO Box by Clicking Here

How to rent a post office box
You’ll need: Government-issued photo ID
Payment for the rental and key deposit
A letter of authorization if you want to rent a Postal Box on behalf of someone else or pick up their mail

Rent at convenience and smoke depot
Visit 1093 Woodbine Ave East York, ON M4C 4C6 to rent a Postal Box.
Choose your rental period and sign the Postal Box rental agreement that details the terms and conditions.
Receive 2 keys for your box.
Begin receiving mail through your Postal Box address and pick it up when you like.